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>> Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting married and having to register?
Daunting task?
It had to be the most FUN thing we did for our wedding but it was also a challenge.
Did I really need crystal and china?
I didn't have a house to put it in or money to fund a meal to put on it!
Then there was the factor I didn't consider: my husband having an opinion.
I mean, he really had an opinion.
The bedding, the dishes, the decor.
(Go figure, he's a graphic designer so it makes complete sense)
Well, 4 years later, our tastes completely changed from what we once wanted so I've decided there should be a ABSOLUTE NECESSITY bridal registry list--the must haves.
Perhaps the things you won't want to spend your money on but you will absolutely need.
So here goes...
here are my must register for's!
What were yours?!

Your Every Day Dishes
Image from Pottery Barn

Image from Pottery Barn

Bath Towels
Image from Restoration Hardware
Image from Pottery Barn
Image from Williams~Sonoma
*your color choice of course, although I do quite prefer this one!*And if you're really pressured to add the china and the crystal like I was, consider something that means something to you.
What china did your mother or grandmother use?
My mother used Spode's Christmas China and it makes me feel so special to see it.


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things September 2, 2009 at 9:45 AM  

my opinion for registry (which i'm sure I've told you, Legs...) is make it your all-time wish list. Visit Sacks, Tiffany...all 'those' stores and register for EVERYTHING you love. Your tastes may change, but you will have treasures that you wouldn't be able to afford especially in new marriage. (besides does Tiffany go out of style?)

Register for crystal, sterling, fine china, candlesticks, etc. They're so fun to open, and you can always afford the can openers and sheets with your multitude of unregistered gifts and duplicates!

OK, there....stepping off soapbox.


Courtney and Nicholas September 2, 2009 at 5:20 PM  

My mom and grandma both use that Christmas Spode, and now I do as well! I love it so darn much!!

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