A WINNER + We Are So Thankful...

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

And the Winner of The Urchiness' $20 Gift Certificate is...#5 Julia A!
Julia, please contact Brie through her store
Thank you, Brie for your generosity and for sharing your talent!!

What a wonderful week!
Having the opportunity work with Brie, complete some special orders for clients, and talk to so many of you through our blog...
As we get closer and closer to saying goodbye to 2009 we can't help but wish it would stay a little longer.

This has been an amazing year.
In April we, we two little friendlies in our corners of California, started our little dream.
After countless pennies were cast into fountains, we realized wishing wasn't going to make it happen, channeling Nike and just doing it was.
2009 has been incredible!

We have met, both virtually and live, so many amazing followers, encouragers, and supporters.
We have had our friends & family cheer us on and come to us for our styling services which only motivated us.
We have YOU that comes and says hello every day, or at least checks in to read.

Now, here we are, a few days away from putting our shop on hold so we can quiet down for the last week before Christmas and we're at 91 sales.
91 SALES?!
We did little happy dances yesterday about that
(think Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler a la 50 First Dates)Well friends, to celebrate how CLOSE we are to hitting the big hundo
we're offering FREE SHIPPING on our Spread Some Cheer Winter Cards AND Discounted the price!
We love you guys.
I mean, lets be honest, there'd be no F&F if there were no YOU!
We hope you know that!
This is an amazing ride and we cannot WAIT to tell you what 2010 holds!


JuliaA December 11, 2009 at 8:18 AM  

i saw that i won and i literally clapped my hands and squealed. which is the sort of thing i don't do often. ahem.


and congrats on 91 sales! so close to a hundred, and by the end of december you have a good chance of enough to get you there!

i was so excited when i got over fifty sales in my stitch marker shop. milestones are a wonderful rush.

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