>> Monday, October 26, 2009

As in Sugar, Sugar by the Archies? No...
As in Sugar, can I borrow a cup for the cookies I'm making? Closer...
As in Sugar, something completely sweet to indulge in? YES

SUGAR has to be the sweetest Etsy store we've seen in awhile.
Full of whimsical, down right festive fun!
Jennifer, the creator of Sugar started her Etsy store " as a gateway to something bigger." In her words, "It’s a creative outlet for me after my son, Luke, is in bed. It generates energy when I think I am spent. I love to create new items, and I am thrilled when I transform an idea from my head/imagination to a product I can sell."

We asked Jennifer how she named her adorable store. We loved her answer, "To me Sugar evokes lovely thoughts like my son, a true sugar pie, my insatiable sweet tooth, my love for cheerful colors, and fun sweet finds {blankets, balloons, bibs, sweet treats, hand crafted goodies and fab vintage treasures}. It would be a dream to have so many lovely items together under one roof. "
Well, I don't know about you but birthdays have always been something special in my house.
So special we had a birthday fairy!
While we slept, the fairy would come and decorate our door so the first thing we woke up was a special surprise:
candy hanging from ribbons, a door covered in foil to run through, one dollar bills draped in garlands...
If you're interested in being a birthday fairy in the night or in the waking hours, SUGAR is your one stop shop!

Jennifer's products are photographed creatively and will make you want to throw a party .
We just love Jennifer's outgoing attitude and spirit, she's a lady to keep on your radar.
Some parting words from Jennifer?
"For anyone out there thinking of opening a shop~ do it. Develop your brand, your logo, your products and your photography skills. Frenchie and Flea can help you get started!"

Jennifer is graciously giving away her Boxed up Birthday package!!
Visit Sugar and leave a comment here with your favorite item from her shop.

Spread the love about SUGAR around your blogs, twitter, facebook etc about this giveaway!
This will get you a bonus entry!

So comment with your favorite shop item + how you spread the word!

giveaway ends on thursday, october 29 at 5:00 pm, pst.
winner announced on friday, october 30!


West Hill Heritage October 26, 2009 at 5:06 AM  

Love everything - but love the gumball a day. Clever & cute

the wild raspberry October 26, 2009 at 5:11 AM  

that apple a day baby blankie is perfectly sweet!

Cassie October 26, 2009 at 6:04 AM  

Everything is just equisite but I adore the party garlands in all colours I really do!

Martha October 26, 2009 at 6:25 AM  

Oh I just love all of her party garlands!

wagonlover October 26, 2009 at 6:55 AM  

How sweet is the Apple a Day blanket?? I see my sweet girl all wrapped up in it....

The Fancy Lady October 26, 2009 at 7:11 AM  

i love the little green plaid love bird so cute!

merium October 26, 2009 at 7:21 AM  

Love the pink party garland!

Vanessa October 26, 2009 at 8:48 AM  

i love the mint julep baby sweet.

Mac & Fitz speaks... October 26, 2009 at 9:25 AM  

I totally love the Gumball a Day....what a cute, happy idea! Would love to win the party pack!!!

Beth October 26, 2009 at 11:43 AM  

I'm loving the linen love birds! ADORABLE! :o)

Simply Mel October 26, 2009 at 12:41 PM  

Gumballs are my favorite little childhood memory indulgence.

Jessica October 26, 2009 at 1:58 PM  

Oh my goodness! so many cute things. I love all the "hair happy" products.

glenn October 26, 2009 at 4:03 PM  

So so hard to choose! I love the gumballs, garlands and all sewn things! Thanks for the giveaway! jennmckim at hotmail dot com

Cindy October 27, 2009 at 5:59 AM  

What a great shop! My favorites are Boxed up Birthday and the party hats.


Jill October 27, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

Oh my goodness!!! LOVE everything in that "sweet" little two favorites (I know-but I just couldn't pick one!)The tweet dotty love bird! and the animal print garland!!
Delightful find! Thanks for sharing!

The Loughran's October 27, 2009 at 9:31 AM  

I love the huge white balloon. It makes a picture perfect :)

paula October 27, 2009 at 10:29 AM  

this is beyond perfect. what fun!

craftygal86 October 27, 2009 at 2:31 PM  

so many cute things! I love the hair barrettes, especially with the little matching pouches that come with them. If I had a kid, I'd be all over that adorable owl bib =D

Jennifer October 27, 2009 at 9:50 PM  

Not to be a kiss up, but the boxed up birthday is my fave. The donkey is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Nicole October 27, 2009 at 10:15 PM  

Love Love Love the Hair Happy Purple Barrette! I am adoring anything crocheted at this moment and the clip is just perfect! Cute Shop Girlies!

Red Boots October 28, 2009 at 6:40 AM  

All the baby blankets are adorable - I can't pick a favourite!!

Julie October 28, 2009 at 9:19 AM  

I like boxed up bday. Such a cute idea!

an encourager October 28, 2009 at 5:10 PM  

Pink Lemonade!!! I have been drinking in the fun over at Sugar! You asked for my favorite item...everything she made with Pink Lemonade in the title! (Well, and and for a splash of something extra sweet, the Tweet Green Little Love Bird.) ((Weeellll, since I've been celebrating my birthday for going on three weeks now {I know! showers of blessings on moi} that Birtday Box is pretty awesome, too!)) the end.

Anna October 28, 2009 at 6:39 PM  

How to choose, how to choose! I'm a sucker for garlands and I've got two girlies that would love to gaze upon the Pink Lemonade number.


Anonymous,  October 29, 2009 at 8:34 AM  

I think the huge ballon would really compliment a baby shower I am planning!

Mary (Mary's Monday Musicology) October 29, 2009 at 11:01 AM  

Such cute stuff from Sugar. I love the little Tweetie birds, especially the linen one with the blue tail! I'll be posting a link up on Twitter and facebook!

Natalie October 29, 2009 at 12:03 PM  

I love the mint julep baby blanket! Everything on their site

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